What’s your problem?

I found this in my Evernote while doing some housecleaning. I don’t know who to attribute it to but I’m pretty sure I did’t write it and I’m pretty sure I like it.

“This is the best I can do” vs “It’s not good enough.”

Both are symptoms of a huge problem that doesn’t even have a name. Entire industries lull themselves into believing that what they make and how they make it is good enough until someone comes along and turns the market on its head by proving them wrong.

At the same time, countless projects go unlaunched, improvements hidden, thoughts unstated–because the person behind the idea is hiding behind the false understanding that their work isn’t good enough yet. ‘

“There’s a lot of interest in the January calls”

Calls giving owners the right to buy Yahoo’s shares are near the most expensive level ever relative to puts, according to data on six-month options compiled by Bloomberg. Among the eight contracts with the highest ownership, seven are calls.

By Joseph Ciolli and Eric Lam

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“Hardest part of my day is when Allan takes only Benji out in the morning for a walk and I don’t have my Samantha bouncing back in the house rushing over to give me my morning greeting as I’m having my coffee. It has only been 4 days but it seems like ‘forever’.

That note is from my Mom about their dog Samantha, a big black standard poodle, who passed away rather suddenly last week. She was my fathers best friend, they would walk the drive every morning and retrieve the paper together.

Why I like Apple – Just Figured It Out

I was read thing this and then I dawned on me.

“In its corporate DNA, Apple is a go-for-broke company, an astounding attribute given its size. The opportunities for reinvention at Apple are many, and to underestimate the abilities or the imagination of the crew Jobs left behind would be foolish. Just because Apple hasn’t indicated its road map or offered concrete examples of of its upcoming breakthrough ideas doesn’t mean it doesn’t intend to surprise and delight its customers again, the way it has so many times before.”

That’s why

Kinda sad email from Boxee

“The Boxee Box holds a special place in our heart as the first device we built. It was the first living room device to have a keyboard on the back of the remote. It was also the first XBMC-based set top box to be sold at major retailers.

It’s the device that really launched Boxee on the world stage, and we want to thank you for being a part of our journey.”